What It Means to Choose an Ethical Coffee Company

What It Means to Choose an Ethical Coffee Company

Choosing an Ethical Coffee Company 

What does it mean to drink coffee from an ethical coffee company? 

Coffee is a big business, and sometimes there is a race to produce coffee fast and in the cheapest way.

But at what cost? 

As you learn about an ethical coffee company like Joyride Coffee, you’ll realize how important it is to seek out sustainable coffee companies. 

What is an Ethical Coffee Company?

What is an Ethical Coffee Company?  

An ethical coffee company cares more about supporting the farmers and land than it does about making a profit. 

For example, sometimes an ethical coffee company will be in direct contact with the farm itself, knowing the farmers and trying to improve the quality of life they work to create. 

When pay goes directly to the farmers in fair amounts, the farmers have the resources to keep their land healthy. 

Other farmers may cut down trees in order to produce more and more coffee and make more and more money without any regard for the environment. 

An ethical coffee company will do the research and ensure they are choosing ethically sourced coffee. 

Keep Your Eyes On The Label

Reading the label can be tricky. Coffee companies may claim “organic” or “fair trade,” but these labels are sometimes not monitored or confirmed. 

The Smithsonian warns, “There are a few legitimate badges that can appear on coffee packaging, which we’ll get to in a minute. But literally everything else is marketing, and has no legal, regulatory muscle to back it up. This can include some very popular labels!”

Learn about what organic coffee beans and the best fair trade coffee brands mean when they use the label correctly. 

Organic Coffee Beans 

Organic coffee beans mean that the company sources coffee beans from a farm free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. 

This protects the land and the coffee beans, but it also protects the workers from breathing in and being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. 

Choose organic coffee beans to make healthier choices for yourself and those that work to produce the crop. 

What is an Ethical Coffee Company?

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

Fair trade coffee requires a minimum premium to go back to the farms.

They come to an agreement for fair pay and safe practices for the workers. 

Fairtrade.org explains, “Emerging evidence through impact assessments has found that Fairtrade can make a significant difference to farmers’ and workers’ lives. What’s more, Fairtrade can provide access to finance, support and expertise in tackling climate change, supporting long-term environmental sustainability.”

The best fair trade coffee companies will support the coffee economy while ensuring farmers can produce the crop for the long haul. 

Direct Trade Coffee

Direct trade coffee implies that the company cuts out the middleman, which should mean the coffee company has a direct relationship with the farm.  

Joyride Coffee is a direct trade craft coffee company that you can trust for ethically sourced coffee

Importance of Ethically Sourced Coffee

Ethically Sourced Coffee

Why is it important to choose an ethical coffee company? 

The reality is that coffee will be around longer if we start to change the process now. 

Instead of supporting companies that are cutting down trees and destroying forests to produce coffee in the fastest, cheapest way, we can support environmental sustainability. 

The loss of rainforests leads to climates that will no longer support coffee growth. If you want to keep your coffee, 

Do Better For Your Brew

It might be easy to claim ignorance, but look for clues on whether you are buying from a trusted company or not. 

According to Pebble Magazine, “If you’re paying a bargain price for an ‘ethical’ coffee, it’s unlikely the farmer who grew the coffee has been compensated fairly.” 

Why Ethically Sourced? 

Choose ethically sourced coffee to get the healthiest coffee, knowing the farmers have the resources to put care into growing the coffee crop. 

Choose ethically sourced coffee to support the environment. 

Ethical Coffee Farming Practices

How many big businesses cut corners, including reducing pay for farmers that work for beans while they make millions off of coffee every year? 

Ethical coffee companies invest in their farmers to ensure they can provide an excellent quality of life for their employees. 

Better Prices for Better Coffee

Instead of finding the cheapest coffee on the market, think about how much your cup of coffee means to you. 

If you want to save money on coffee, save the money by brewing your own coffee at home. 

Joyride can offer fair prices for top-quality coffee while remaining ethical in its practices. 

Feel Good About Your Brew

Forget about feeling guilty while drinking your coffee each morning. 

When you support an ethical coffee company, you can know your money is going toward something good. 

In addition, make small changes in your life, like switching to a cheesecloth instead of paper coffee filters and eliminating single-use plastic or styrofoam cups from your daily use. 

What it Means to be an Ethical Coffee Company

Understand What It Means to Be an Ethical Coffee Company 

Ethical coffee companies take a risk by offering premium coffee beans at a premium price. 

They can save money by getting rid of the middleman, but prices are usually a bit higher than big businesses that disregard ethical practices. 

Direct Trade Relationships

Companies like Joyride have direct relationships with the farms, knowing where each batch of beans comes from. 

Sustainably Sourced Coffee

Not only are ethical coffee companies investing in the workers, but they are also invested in reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the environment. 

Minimizing Environmental Impact 

Farms are sometimes pressured to use pesticides, cut down trees, and neglect the land they are growing on. 

Ethical coffee companies do their best to take care of both the farmers and the crucial land the beans are grown on. 

Putting People and the Planet First

Choose ethical coffee to invest in companies that care about farmers and the earth that produces your delicious coffee every day. 

Ethically Sourced Coffee - The Right Thing to Brew

Before you brew your next cup of coffee, think about the kind of company you are putting your money towards. 

Joyride Coffee is your premium source of coffee that tastes good and feels good to support. 

Support Joyride, knowing that we are an ethical coffee company, trying our best to prioritize the environment and invest in our future. 

Find out more about why coffee sustainability matters. 


Choose Joyride to Support the Farmers and the Environment


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