Educate Yourself on Why Coffee Sustainability Matters

Educate Yourself on Why Coffee Sustainability Matters

Why Coffee Sustainability Really Matters

It’s easy to pull up to the grocery store, find the cheapest coffee brand, and have the convenience of coffee in your home each morning. 

But what do you know about coffee sustainability and if your coffee company supports sustainable coffee farming?

Sustainability in the World of Coffee

Sustainability in the World of Coffee

When you hear the term “sustainable coffee”, what comes to mind? Companies practicing coffee sustainability prioritize benefits to the farmers growing the crop and to the environment. 

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability is about being responsible with the natural resources we have and conserving as much as possible. For example, you can run the shower for 10 minutes before you get in to make sure it is piping hot.

Or you can conserve water and get in right as it is warming up and take quick showers with water conservation in mind. 

Why We Need Sustainability 

Natural resources are limited. There is a responsibility to conserve and recycle as much as possible to show your love for the earth you live on and for the generations that follow. 

When you use recyclable materials or better yet, reusable containers, you can reduce the trash going into the landfill. 

Inspire Clean Energy writes, “Sustainability from individuals, communities, and corporations allows us to slow down the damage we do to the environment.” You can do your part, one coffee cup at a time. 

What is Coffee Sustainability?

Sustainable Products, Sustainable Economy 

By choosing sustainable products, you are helping support a sustainable  economy. 

For example, you can recognize a company that prioritizes sustainability by its use of recyclable products. You can even research where they source their products from and how they pay their partners. 

As you prioritize supporting sustainable brands, those companies will benefit and come out stronger than other companies wasting natural resources at the earth’s expense. 

Respecting People and the Planet

Along with sustainability practices comes the drive to pay farmers fairly for their hard work. Farmers that make pennies are forced to sometimes cut corners themselves, being forced to make tough decisions that may adversely affect the environment. 

By paying farmers and distributors a better wage, companies are promoting sustainability. 

The Importance of Sustainability in Coffee

Why Is Coffee Sustainability Important? defines coffee sustainability: “Defined generally, it’s coffee that is grown in a way that conserves nature and provides better livelihoods for the people who grow and process it.” 

If you care about the environment and paying laborers fair wages, then you care about coffee sustainability. 

Sustainable Coffee Farming

Coffee sustainability ensures that the farmers that grow the coffee crop are getting paid fairly, so they can continue to grow coffee responsibly. 

Sustainable coffee farming includes growing from available farmland instead of cutting down trees and clearing out tropical forests in order to grow coffee.

Climate Change and Coffee 

Coffee grows in tropical climates, where farmland is limited. As the demand for coffee increases, some farmers are irresponsibly cutting down trees and destroying tropical forests. 

Deforestation contributes to global warming and consequently changes the climate that coffee needs to grow and thrive. 

Coffee sustainability is all about the farmers getting paid for the hard work they put into growing coffee crops so that you can enjoy your favorite beverage each day. 

Sustainable coffee farming consists of paying the farmers, showing them respect, and getting an excellent product in return. In addition, the farmers will have the resources to use their land efficiently and buy more farmland without having to cut down trees.

Ethical Coffee: The Importance

If coffee growers are irresponsible about the environment, they may cut down essential forests in order to grow more and more coffee. 

You may love your coffee, but not at the expense of the environment. points out, “Coffee production can be made more sustainable by incorporating practices such as better crop-management and water use practices, using pheromone boxes to ward away insects in lieu of pesticides, composting coffee bean waste to use as fertilizer, using coffee hulls as fuel instead of cutting down eucalyptus trees, shade-growing, and reforestation .” 

The choices you make can hurt or help the environment. 

Coffee and Conservation

When companies like Joyride purchase products from responsible sources, they promote eco-conscious practices. 

This only works if the consumer gets on board by researching the companies that they support and choosing sustainable products. 

You can make sure coffee is around for the long haul if we practice sustainability in growing it. 

Keeping Coffee in Production

The more consumers put their money behind companies that respect the planet and work to reduce their carbon footprint, the longer we and coffee can stay around. Coffee needs a certain environment in which to grow. 

As the climate changes and global warming increases, coffee may no longer thrive. 

Support Sustainable Coffee

How to Support Sustainable Coffee

You have the power to change the way the coffee industry operates. Instead of supporting coffee companies that tear down the environment, choose sustainable coffee brands like Joyride Coffee

Shop Sustainable Coffee Brands

Consider everything that goes into getting coffee beans into production so that you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee in your home or office. Learn about each company and its commitment to coffee sustainability, or lack thereof. 

Then put your money into your cause by buying from companies that prioritize sustainable practices. 

Shop Joyride to try their top-of-the-line House Blend, knowing that they prioritize coffee sustainability in all of their practices. 

Want sustainable coffee options for your office? We can help! 

Reusable Everything

Drink coffee at home or in the office by using reusable cups. You can make small changes in your life that will result in positive impacts on the environment, starting with eliminating your use of single-use products. 

Joyride coffee uses reusable stainless kegs to deliver coffee to offices and businesses each day. Every Joyride keg from our bulk program saves up to 80 plastic bottles from being tossed into a landfill. 

Skip the Line, Brew at Home

The days of stopping in the drive-through for a cup of coffee out of a plastic cup are long gone. When you brew at home and fill your favorite coffee mug, you save at least one cup per day from being chucked in the trash. 

Support Local Coffee Growers

Learn about your local farmers and what you can do to be supportive of their efforts to grow responsibly. When you find a company you can trust, tell your friends and family! 

Spread the good news about a company that is practicing coffee sustainability. 

Sustainable Coffee Supports Everyone

Learn about all it takes to get coffee to your home or office and how you can do your part in supporting businesses that care about farmers and the environment. Throwing your support toward these companies will only change the industry for the better.

Shop a sustainable coffee brand that gives a damn. Joyride is ready to fill your order. Choose your favorite variety today.


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